Infrared receiver with lens

The LCN-RR is an infrared remote-control receiver for the LCN system and can be connected to all the intelligent LCN bus modules: LCN-UPP, LCN-UP24, LCN-SH, LCN-HU or LCN-LD. The LCN-RR receives up to 48 commands, 1000 access codes and 16 million key codes.

Field of application:

  • The LCN-RR is a remote-control receiver for the LCN system.  Due to its size it can be integrated into the switch programme as well as into the lights.
  • Additionally, it provides comfortable access control with up to 16 million key codes.

Hardware :

Installation casing


Flat cable with plug for the I-Port connection to the intelligent bus module

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