Rest voltage suppressor for LED lamps in dimming operation

The LCN-RSU is connected in parallel to the load and avoids e. g. flickering/afterglowing of LEDs or ESLs on the elektronical output.


Because of the VDE required measures, a small capacitive standby current flows out of each power output, even when the TRIACS´s are switched off. When connecting LED´s, this might mean that dimming will not proceed harmonically or that the lamp will flash up in a switched off condition. With the LCN-SH/-HU modules, the switch for the output filter can be supportively switched to “OFF” .
The LCN-RSU suppresses these unwished effects.

The LCN-RSU is suitable for the following effects/loads:

  • flickering LEDs or ESLs
  • „sticky“ relays
  • afterglowing  LEDs

An LCN-RSU is required on each output.

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