IR transmitter with four keys

The LCN-RT is a miniaturized infrared (IR) hand-held transmitter.  It offers four very robust membrane keys with acoustic acknowledgement of activation. Each key recognises the commands ‘Hit’, ‘Hold’ and ‘Release’, which means that up to 12 commands can be used per key level.  At the user´s request, up to four key levels can be chosen resulting in 48 commands. The LCN-RT additionally offers three different set-up options: privileged control, locking systems and access- control systems. In doing so, a code which can be entered by the user is transmitted to the receiver along with their serial number.

Field of application:

  • Due to its small size the LCN-RT is suitable for putting on a keyring or belt. In this way it becomes part of the daily routine as a substitute for conventional switch panels.
  • Using the LCN-RR receiver, all of the LCN modules on the bus system can be controlled with all of their functions- including default values  for air-conditioning control etc
  • In addition to this, locking systems can be operated with the remote-control transmitter and/or access control with personal identification can also be implemented.
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