LCN-RT16 (discontinued)

High power IR transmitter with 16 keys

The LCN-RT16 is the most powerful commercially available IR hand transmitter in the world. It offers16 keys, each of which can be individually labelled; 6 of these are equipped as rocker switches. Each key recognises the commands ‘Hit’, ‘Hold’ and ‘Release’, giving the addressee up to 48 possible commands. (The commands themselves are deposited in the receiver-modules so that customised functionality can be offered for each room). The LCN-RT16 additionally offers three different set-up options: privileged control, locking systems and access- control systems. In doing so, a code which can be entered by the user is transferred to the receiver along with their serial number.

Field of application:

  • With the power remote-control transmitter LCN-RT16 you can control your LCN bus system from a distance, in large rooms, conference rooms, churches and use it as a long-distance remote control and garage door opener with a range of more than 100m.
  • Using the LCN-RR receiver, all of the devices connected to the LCN system can be controlled with all of their  functions via a remote-control transmitter.
  • In addition to this, locking systems can be operated with the remote-control transmitter and/or access control with personal identification can also be implemented.


Two power levels

16 keys

Acoustic signal device

Display for power level and battery

Charger with automatic charging for built-in 9 V battery

Key field for individual labelling

Case for storage

Product Guide
Labeling template