DALI control module and room controller

The LCN-SHD is a control module for DALI control gear with full LCN functionality: the LCN-SHD controls and regulates climate, light, etc. as a full room controller. DALI: four lighting circuits with full LCN functionality (more functions than with DALI) can be controlled. All other ballasts on the DALI bus can be controlled directly, as any DALI telegrams can be transmitted via the LCN bus. DALI direct commands can therefore also be assigned to LCN keys. In addition, the LCN-SHD has a 1-10V output that can be used for climate control, for example. For pure 0-10V applications the DALI output can also be switched to 0-10V, so that two 0-10V outputs are available.

Fields of application:

The LCN-SHD module is used in dry rooms in sub-distribution boards. It occupies 2 TE.
The LCN-SHD only supports initial DALI parameterization in single mode. If there are several ECGs on the bus line, please use an appropriate programming device.

Product guide