Segment coupler for DIN rail mounting

The LCN-SK segment coupler is a coupler module for the LCN Bus system connecting up to 120 LCN segments.  It is an intelligent bus module and has its own processor with a buffer which guarantees complete data transfer. The individual segment couplers LCN-SK communicate with each other via a symmetrically twisted pair of wires (CAT5 or similar), which are galvanically isolated from the other wiring. The connection among the single segment couplers is built up  automatically. The internal operating programme can be individually programmed via the LCN software LCN-PRO.

Field of application:

The LCN-SK is used in larger systems for coupling several LCN buses with each other. Each single LCN bus consists of a maximum of up to 250 intelligent LCN modules. These LCN modules form an LCN segment.  Up to 120 of these single LCN segments can be coupled directly so that over 30,000 intelligent LCN modules per property can be used. Each module can directly communicate with any other module via the segment bus.


Connections for the LCN bus

Connections for the LCN segment bus

Visual display of operating status

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