Connection set with cables for up to four conventional buttons

The LCN-T4I is an LCN connection cable set for conventional, potential-free pushbuttons. It is suitable for use with the I connection of all bus modules such as LCN-UPP, -UPS, -UMR, etc. Up to two LCN-T4I can be connected to one bus module, so that a maximum of eight keys can be interrogated. Each key input distinguishes between short, long and loose actuation. The first LCN-T4I acts on the A table, keys 1-4, the second on the A table, keys 5-8. The adapter also contains an acoustic signal transmitter.


  • For connecting conventional keys via the I-port.

The connecting cables between a push-button and the LCN-T4I must not exceed a maximum length of three meters! The LCN-BT4R is available for longer connections.

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