Converter for eight conventional keys with with acoustic signal

The LCN-T8 is an LCN connection set of cables with an acoustic signal device for conventional potential-free sensors. It is suited for use with the LCN-UPP, LCN-UPS or LCN-UP24 module; it can however be used with the LCN-HU, LCN-SH and LCN-LD. Each key connection distinguishes between the ‘Hit, Hold  and Release’ functions.


The LCN-T8 is a connection cable for a max. of 8 UP key converters  for simple wiring in a flush mounted wall box.

It can also be used for two ‘multi-switches’ with four single contacts.

Hardware equipment:

Cable with plug for T-Port connection

Stranded wire connection with insulated ferrules for the key sensors

Acoustic signal

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