Universal converter for combined operation of single and three/four pole key sensors 

The LCN-TE1 is an adapter cable for parallel operation of KNX single and three/four pole standard keys of the Insta group. A special feature of the LCN-TE1 is the option of connecting one more single pole key converter by using the LCN-TEU. The LCN-TE1 is designed to be used with the LCN-UPP, LCN-UPS or LCN-UP24 modules. Each key connection distinguishes between the ‘SHORT, LONG and RELEASE’ functions.


Up to eight keys can be used.

All five LED circuits are controlled.

Built-in acoustic signal.

Hardware equipment:

Cable with plug for T-Port connection

Socket for T-Port connector from  the LCN-TEU

Miniature screw terminals  for optional supply

Acoustic signal device


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