Universal converter for KNX standard key sensors

The LCN-TEU is an adapter cable for the operation of KNX four-pole key sensors on the T-Port connection of LCN modules. It can also be used in conjunction with the LCN-TE1 or LCN-TE2 when another KNX key converter is to be connected. It has a connection for the voltage supply for background-lit key converters. The LCN-TEU is designed to be used with the LCN-UPP, LCN-UPS or LCN-UP24 modules. Each key connection distinguishes between the ‘SHORT, LONG and RELEASE’  functions.


The LCN-TEU is a connection cable for KNX four-pole key sensors. It supports up to eight keys and five LED circuits.

Hardware equipment:

Cable with plug for T-Port connection

Miniature connection screws for optional  supply

Acoustic signal device


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