Tableau adapter for eight dry contacts and twelve LEDs for wall mounting with common cathode (-)

The LCN-TL12R converts any eight dry contacts on the T-port connection of  the  LCN bus module. In addition the LCN-TL12R controls twelve LEDs with or without a series resistor. Each key recognises the established commands: ‘SHORT, LONG and RELEASe’. It is designed to be used with the LCN-UPP or UPS modules; it can however be used with the LCN-HU, LCN SH and the LCN-LD modules.


The LCN-TL12R can connect to dry EIB key sensors such as the Jung series 2224 and 2248 or the Berker four-way TS glass sensor. A further possible application is for controlling conventional tableaus/control panels with up to 12 LEDs. The LEDs can be used with or without inbuilt series resistors.  For LED control, the states ‘off, on, flash and flicker’ are supported. The outputs are power sources with switchable current outputs (2 mA/10 mA) to control the LEDs.

Hardware equipment:

Cable with plug for T-Port connection

Cable with tin-plated ends for the in/outputs

Screw terminals for connection of the LCN-NU16.

Product guide