Tableau adapter for eight dry contacts and twelve LEDs with common cathode (-)

The LCN-TLK12H is designed for connecting to conventional tableaus/ control panels with keys and LED indicators. Light-emitting diodes of any colour and with or without inbuilt series resistors (max 1.2 KOhm, 24 V) can be controlled in any combination.


The LCN-TLK12H converts any eight dry contacts at the T-port connection (key input) of an LCN bus module. Twelve LEDs can be controlled for indicating any status on the bus. Brightness can be set on two levels.  The outputs are power sources. Every output accordingly adjusts its output voltage to the connected LED automatically. It is possible to operate several LEDs in a row from one output (total forward voltage < 24 V!) All of the outputs are short-circuit proof. The outputs work with respect to ground/earth; all of the connected LEDs are connected to LCN-TLK12H via the cathode on the joint connection clip. For LED control, the states, ‘off, on, flash and flicker’ are supported. The outputs are power sources with switchable current outputs (1.8 mA/15 mA) to control the LEDs. Each key recognises the established commands: ‘SHORT, LONG and RELEASE’. It is designed to be used with the LCN-SH, -HU, -LD or LCN- SHS modules. LCN-TLK12H is used as replacement device for LCN-DI12.


Cable with plug for T-Port connection

Loop-through clips for power supply line

Operation LED

Indicator LED visible externally for all twelve outputs

Built-in power supply unit with overtemperature protection

Product guide