Precision temperature sensor (0.1 °C) for I-Port

The LCN-TS is an especially small and high precision digital temperature sensor. It has its own processor and is almost completely silent in operation.  The measured data is sent through the I-Port connection to an intelligent bus module.


The temperature sensor is used for measuring the room temperature. By connecting further sensors to the LCN bus, an energy-saving and user-friendly single-room heating regulation system can be implemented which, among other things, includes control of the ventilation system. The LCN-TS can be operated in parallel with any other group on the I-Port connection of the LCN intelligent bus modules (UPP, UPS, UP24, SH, HU, LD). The modules allow for two continuous control circuits plus 5 switch thresholds which can also be automatically controlled. During operation, measured values can be exchanged among LCN modules and differences can be calculated.

Hardware equipment:

Temperature sensor with adhesive pad

Housing for wall and ceiling assembly

Cable with plug for the I-Port connection

Product guide