Precision temperature sensor (0.1°C) for outdoor application

The LCN-TSA is an especially small, high precision, digital temperature sensor  for outdoor application. With its own processor it records almost noiseless measurements and sends them via the I-Port connector to the connected LCN module.


The temperature sensor is used for determining outdoor temperature. By connecting  further sensors to the LCN bus, an energy saving and user friendly single room  heating regulation system can be implemented which, among other things, includes control of the ventilation system. It additionally allows for the calculation of indoor and outdoor temperature differences (e.g. for passive nocturnal cooling and conservatory control).

The LCN-TSA can operate in parallel with all other modules connected to the I-port connector on all intelligent LCN modules (UPP, UPS, UP24, SH, HU). The module enables the option of having two continuous action control circuits plus 5 thresholds which can also be used for regulating purposes. Measured values can be exchanged between operational LCN modules and their differences calculated.



Temperature sensor, in protective mould

Wall or ceiling mounting with PVC clip

2 m connecting cable with plug to I-Port connector

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