Capacitive key sensor with four sensor pads for wall mounting

The key converter LCN-TU4C opens up entirely new ways and means of making keys unseen. It enables the capacitative requesting of up to four sensor pads. Each of the four keys is made of foil and can be stuck behind wood, natural stone and tiles etc. The sensor keys are operated by touching the wall surface. The LCN-TU4C is designed to be used with the LCN-UPP or UPS modules and can also be used with LCN-HU, LCN-SH and LCN-LD. And, of course, all of the LCN-functions are accessible on each key with the three commands SHORT, LONG and RELEASE.


The LCN-TU4C converts 4 push-button sensor signals at the LCN module’s I-port (key input). The sensor pads are self adhesive and can be fitted behind any non-conductive material.  This results in new methods of design where luxury wall coverings and layout of furnishings are concerned: e.g. when a cupboard covers a switch panel, the sensor-keys can simply be stuck inside the cupboard.

Hardware equipment:

Four sensor keys

Cable with plug for I-Port

Quick connectors

Product guide