Universal switch- and dimming module for flush-mounting

The LCN-UPP flush mounted module is a sensor-actuator for the LCN Bus system. It has two switching/dimming electronic outputs at 230V.
It has a further output which is not hard wired but can be used for DALI applications.
Apart from this, additional sensors and actuators can be connected through ist T- and I-ports. Parameters for the internal operating programme can be set using the system software LCN-PRO. The LCN-UPP is decentrally installed in a wall cavity using flush mounted switch or junction boxes.

Field of application:

  • High grade, theatre standard lighting control, sophisticated lighting effects and daylight dependent lighting control.
  • Control of solar shading and conservatories.
  • Individual room control: cooling, heating and ventilation.
  • Access control with IR remote control and transponder.
  • Automatic control with numerous timers and associated logical operations/processes.
  • Tableau/control panel installations with 4 LED states and hierarchical logical operations for authorising and displaying.
  • Alarm systems with multiple zones and complex requirements, blocking locks, early warning alarm systems etc.
  • Associated logical operations across installation/facility boundaries including: lighting ‹-› shade ‹-› alarm ‹-› entry, etc = high performance through the cost efficient use of multiple sensors and actuators.
  • All functions can used independently and are also available to be used simultaneously.


230V PSU 50/60Hz (110V version available)

2 electronic switch outputs 230V, max. 300VA: Zero-voltage switching or dimming (phase cut-on)

T-Port for connection of up to 8 keys via key converter LCN- T8, LCN-TEx, LCN-GT12, LCN-GT6  or LCN-R1U (relay)

I-Port for combined connection of LCN-RR (IR-remote-control receiver), LCN-TS (Temperature sensor), LCN-BMI (Motion detector), LCN-ULT (Transponder reader), LCN-GTxD (Glas Touch-Keypad) etc.

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