Universal switch- and dimming module for flush mounting with leading and trailing-edge dimming

The LCN-UPU is a sensor-actuator module for building installation with the LCN Bus system. It has two switching/dimming electronic outputs at 230V.  The outputs can be operated as leading and trailing-edge dimmer or in switching operation as a zero voltage switch. They each  have  timers,  for  choosing  separate  dimming  ramps  and switching  times. Two  further outputs are simulated and are not conected to the outside. Apart from this, additional sensors  and actuators can be connected through ist T- and I-ports. Parameters for the  internal operating programme can be set using the system software LCN-PRO.

Application field:

  • High grade theatre standard lighting control
  • Control of solar shading and conservatories
  • Individual room control: cooling, heating and ventilation
  • Access control with IR remote control and transponder
  • Automatic  control  with  numerous  timers  and  associated  logical operations/processes
  • Tableau/control  panel  installations  with  4  LED  states  and hierarchical logical operations for authorising and displaying
  • Alarm  systems  with  multiple  zones  and  complex  requirements, blocking locks, early warning alarm systems etc.
  • Associated logical operations across installation/facility boundaries including:lighting  «   shade  «   alarm  «   access,  etc.
    =high  performance  through  the  cost  efficient  use  of  multiple sensors and actuators.Note: All functions can used independently and are also available to be used simultaneously.


230V PSU 50/60Hz (110V version available)

2 electronic switch outputs 230V, max. 300VA: Zero-voltage switching or dimming

T-Port for connection of up to 8 keys via key converter LCN- T8, LCN-TEx, LCN-GT12, LCN-GT6 or LCN-R1U (relay)

I-Port for combined connection of LCN-RR (IR-remote-control receiver), LCN-TS (Temperature sensor), LCN-BMI (Motion detector), LCN-ULT (Transponder reader), LCN-GTxD (Glas Touch-Keypad) etc.

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