LCN-UT (discontinued)

Transponder unit including antenna for flush wall mounting (requieres 16 to 30 V AC or DC)

The LCN-UT module is a transponder evaluation system for integrating into the LCN system. It is connected to the I-Port connection of an intelligent bus module.  A  potential-free power supply is needed for operation. The delivery includes three antennaes. The largest antenna has a range of approx. 30 cm. For the best possible range, use the LCN-UT to equilibrate the antenna.


By using the LCN-UT, a person-dependent access control system can be realised. This however, is not the only use as numerous other functions can also be activated. In small facilities the LCN module can immediately evaluate up to 16 different codes. In larger installations, people can be detected and registered and multiple time-dependent functions  and macros can be carried out with visualisation systems such as the LCN-GVS. The LCN-UT especially lends itself for use in the medical and care professions where for instance  people suffering from dementia are to be prevented from leaving buildings. For this purpose the antennae can be built into the floor.


UT-module for flush mounting.

Three flat antennae in different sizes

Cable with plug for the I-Port connection to the intelligent bus module

Transponder card/credit card format

Transponder card as a keyring

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