Weather sensor with control unit for DIN-rail mounting

The LCN-WIH consists of an outdoor unit with wind, rain, light, temperature and GPS sensor and an inddor control unit with power supply for 2U mounting on DIAN-rails. The outdoor unit will be mounted on the roof or at a wall and connected to the indoor unit with a four-pole cable for low voltages. Connection to a LCN-SHS, -SH, -HU, -LD or -UPP, -UPS since serial number 160A (October 2012) is made over the I-Port of the module.


  • The LCN-WIH provides all relevant wetaher data to control weather-dependent functions and operations.
  • With the GPS receiver the LCN-WIH delivers the exact time and date into the LCN bus. The control unit supports all time zones and the local dates for begin and end of saylight saving times.

Note: A use in parallel with LCN-IV is not possible. Connection between indoor and outdoor unit via J-Y(ST)Y (0.8 mm Ø) for up to 50 meters.

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