A strong partner at your side

We escort you from the planning phase to the installation to your every day life with LCN. With a highly reliable and qualified hotline, with training and education, and of course with software updates.

Service partner

From individual consulting to most recent software versions.

The ISSENDORFF KG supports you with two hotlines. A technical hotline is reachable all over the day for questions regarding operation, installation,troubleshooting and parametrization. The only prerequisite is that you attended a training or purchased an LCN start kit LCN-SKO. The planning hotline supports you in questions about distribution, planning and cost calculations.

Training partner

Dense network of training facilities in Germany for trainings.

Despite its comprehensive functionality LCN is simple to install and to program, as it is not an isolated solution besides house wiring. Nevertheless, a training is recommended fo all people who install LCN. After the training, the LCN hotlines are available without costs. The advanced training covers even more detailed aspects of LCN paramtrization. The visualisation training concentrates on the visualisation LCN-GVS. All trainings are held at the ISSENDORFF KG in Rethen near Hanover, and by independent training providers.

Technology partner

Tight network of technology and industrie partners.

As an open bus LCN allows interfaces and coupling to nearly all other systems like BACnet®, Modbus, OPC, BMA® Bosch, IOS, IP-Symcon®, Tobit or EnOcean®. Coupling system is not a simple extension of functionality but always an enhancement. The successful integration of LCN in a network of technically innovative companies plus detailed industrial know how is the base for a working and future-oriented company stragegy.

Sales partner

Comprehensive listing at the most important wholesale.

The LCN system with its components is provided in a three-level distribution with electric wholesale and installed by electricians in these projects. Being available in the product lists of the biggest wholesale companies LCN products are deliverable at any time.

Especially awarded

A brilliant combination of technology and design.

Not the value of a quality award is significant but the merits behind. As a company with highest demands for quality in all areas, the ISSENDORFF KG cares for an ongoing process of innovation and optimization with its products. Awarded for design (Reddot Design Award), technical innovation (Plus-X Award) or economical success the company is confirmed grasping for perfection.

Becoming partners

Single strong, successful together!

As a future-oriented and reliable partner with a powerful product in a growing market, we carefully watch the market for its demands, innovative ideas and possibilities. This also requires a permanent development and cultivation of networks and partnerships.

If you are interested in a partnership and the additional value of a cooperation of comanies and products, just get in contact with us.