The LED scale, also called bargraph, is an inexpensive alternative to displays and for most rooms absolutely sufficient. It can display the real room temperature and the wanted temperature in one step. This was specific for the LCN-GT12 in the past, but is now also available for the LCN-GT8.

The LCN-GT8 has six key sensors, an integrated temperature sensor and a T-Port. Additionally, the bargraph uses 15 LEDs for a rather exact display of a value. At the upper and the lower end of the bargraph two additional sensor keys are placed. These two keys can be used to adjust values, ideally to control temperatures manually, the upper key for “warmer”, the lower key for “colder”. There is no more intuitve way to set room temperatures. The bargraph may also be deactivated and the two keys can be used for other purposes for a total of eight keys. The labeling can be done with the GT Designer. The LCN-GT8 is also available as LCN-GTS8 without glas frame. For both versions colours are white, black and champagne.