Aletto Kudamm Hotel and Hostel, Berlin (Germany)

The Aletto Kudamm Hotel and Hostel is located in the center of Berlin’s West-City. In the house with three-star comfort, the LCN bus system of ISSENDORFF KG ensures a comfortable and energy-saving control of various components – from the shading of the guest rooms to the lighting up to the multi-room sound control. When refurbishing, no building control system should be installed in the Aletto Hotel Kudamm – the electrical installation was conventionally planned and in some cases also carried out in this way. In order to reduce the operating costs for the air-conditioned rooms in the summer months, the shading of the rooms including a central control system should now be possible. By the time this decision was made, however, some rooms were ready and the walls were closed. However, the executive electrical company, the company Kemke & Otto Elektroinstallationen GmbH from Berlin, as a reserve a NYM line 5 x 1.5 mm² led to the windows of the rooms in order to possibly realize a room-based blinds control. In this situation, a solution with flexible LCN was offered, because here only one spare wire in a single installation cable is needed for data transmission.

LCN functions:

  • Daylight-dependent lighting control in public areas
  • Blind control depending on sun and wind
  • Heating control of underfloor heating via glass keypads LCN-GT10D
  • Central control and monitoring with LCN visualization LCN-GVS
  • LCN visualisation coupled to the sound and media system
  • Door and roller door control via LCN
  • Access control via transponder