Football headquarters CONMEBOL Asunción, Paraguay

The headquarters of the South American football association CONMEBOL is located near the airport of Asuncion, Paraguay. One of CONMEBOL’s many large buildings is the museum with the history and trophies of all Central and South American countries. Together with the congress centre it has a floor space of 9450m².
After the new building was initially equipped conventionally, it was quickly recognized that a high-quality building management system should be retrofitted. LCN offered a particularly simple solution, as no additional cable system was required. On the other hand, the functionality of LCN is so great that the already installed lighting control system of a well-known US manufacturer was replaced in favour of LCN.
Today, all areas such as the congress centre, the meeting room for 2280 guests, the museum etc. can be flexibly controlled either directly on site or via the Internet on the entire site.

LCN functions:

  • Lighting control
  • Visualization of LCN functions
  • central control
  • Sensors: temperature, brightness, presence,