Smart Factory at Lay Spices in Queienfeld

The almost 100-year-old company produces spices for large consumers, the meat industry and the catering trade. When planning the buildings, it was already decided to rely on a modern bus system. Overall, only about 150 modules were installed on the entire area (about 43000 m²).

LCN is a very flexible bus system so that changes in requirements or new ideas can be implemented quickly and effectively. Thus, a system for controlling the gatekeepers has recently been installed. If the gatekeeper starts his tour, he has to register at checkpoints at certain intervals. This is realized via the built-in transponder modules (LCN-UT and LCN-ULT), which are also used for “normal” access control. If the gatekeeper fails to register at a checkpoint within a time window – e.g. because he fell or was overwhelmed – an automated program is started.

LCN functions:

  • Comprehensive access control including time recording with LCN-ULT transponders
  • Weather-dependent or manual shutter control
  • Lighting control with LCN display keypads
  • Security zones with alarm functions for staff and night watchman