Private house in Neustadt – modernisation of an existing bus system

A home like on holiday, that’s what a married couple wanted for their new home in Schleswig-Holstein. They found their dream home in a wooden-frame building built in 2003 with a view of the Baltic Sea. Particularly exciting: A LCN basic equipment was already present. The complete bus system can be conveniently controlled and monitored via PC, iPad or smartphone using the LCN-GVS visualisation software. The outdoor lighting is controlled by the timer integrated in the LCN-GVS. In addition, motion detectors integrated into the LCN system via the LCN-B8H binary sensor provide demand-oriented lighting in outdoor areas and corridors. This not only increases comfort but also saves energy.

In the evening or in strong sunshine, a total of 10 built-in blind actuators provide shade for the living rooms automatically or at the touch of a button. Particularly convenient: Time modules programmed specifically to meet the wishes of the new owners also ensure automatic control of the blinds. Depending on the day of the week, the blinds in the various rooms are raised at different times. So the residents are guaranteed not to be awakened rudely on Sundays and in the kitchen they are already greeted by the sun while the bedroom is still in the dark. LCN sensor keypads LCN-GT4D or LCN-GT10D with display for convenient control and operation of the heating were installed throughout the house.


  • Steuerung der Innen- und Außenbeleuchtung
  • Steuerung der Jalousien
  • Klima- / Heizungssteuerung
  • Zeitsteuerungen
  • Wettergeführte Steuerungen
  • Zentralfunktion “Haus verlassen”
  • mobile Steuerung via Smartphone
  • Bedienung über LCN Glastaster und konv. Tastern

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