ROBINSON CLUB Maledives, Funamadua (Maledives)

The Robinson Club Maldives area includes the 107,000m² Funamadua Island of the Gaaf-Alif Atoll in the south of the Maldives. The combination of gentle waves in the evening light rippling waves and individually controllable light scenes offers a constantly new ambience and ensures a relaxing, gentle atmosphere. The guests remain undisturbed by the transponder cards regulated accesses. The service and cleaning staff can enter the bungalows only at certain times, and lost chip cards can be blocked at the reception with a click of a mouse.

The LCN visualization is the central element for building automation. The comprehensive, graphical monitoring system can be used to display and control almost all technical facilities on the island. From the landscape lighting to the cooling units, lifting pumps and tanks for the water supply to the structured representation of the entire plant, all necessary information and access options are available at any time.

LCN functions:

  • Lighting control
  • Admission control with transponder cards
  • Control of energy consumption
  • Visualisation