Uptown office tower, Munich (Germany)

Architects: Architekturbüro Ingenhoven, Overdiek und Partner
Height: 146 m
Effective area: 50.200 sqm

The office tower Uptown Munich at the Georg-Brauchle-Ring is with an altitude of 146 m, apart from the Olympiaturm, currently the tallest building in Munich.

The high-rise building with an area of ​​50,200 sqm is flanked by four seven-storey campus buildings, which are connected to each other by a transparent roof. A fifth campus building accommodates 139 apartments.

The Uptown Tower is the headquarters of O2, on the top floor is the O2 lounge.

LCN functions:

  • Lighting control, control of sun protection and windows
  • Single-room control of heating and cooling
  • Control of the weather-controlled ventilation
  • Admission control
  • Coupling to fire detection system and building control system