LCN controls multimedia exhibition of the Willy Brandt Foundation in Berlin

The installation bus LCN of ISSENDORFF KG documents its almost unlimited range of applications through its use in exhibition technology. For example, the Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation’s LCN exhibition in Unter den Linden is a modern, interactive multimedia exhibition technology. Here, just a few LCN modules in conjunction with an intelligent software solution ensure, among other things, that RFID visitors are able to display multimedia presentations in a desired language and in a targeted manner when approaching an object in the exhibition.

LCN functions:

  • LCN is the technical basis for the complete exhibition system
  • LCN transponder cards with different profiles for the multimedia guides of different target groups
  • Display cabinets with LCN actuators and sensors for controlling the showcase lighting, as well as connection to the multimedia technology
  • Intelligent use of the seminar room with transponder cards
  • Lighting control of LED stripes and DALI luminaires