Our vision

We want to be the reliable and trustworthy partner of the electrician, electrical planner and building owners in the building automation market. To this end, we are looking for technical challenge and are taking new paths to provide our customers with high-quality technologies and systems. We achieve this goal through our own ideas as well as through cooperation and partnerships with like-minded companies.

One focus of our further development is the expansion of our portfolio of building automation products. In our cooperation with wholesalers, electricians and electrical planners, the requirements and wishes of our customers are at the forefront. From this we derive the further developments and new developments of our products.

Our focus is on healthy growth and a long-term stable market position. We are an open company and maintain the direct contact to our customers by telephone hot-lines for planning and technology accessible all day long. Our products are designed for a long service life and reliability, behind which we have a flexible warranty. As a profit-oriented company, environmental protection and a positive ecological balance are also important corporate objectives.

Our mission

The ISSENDORFF KG offers the market a well-developed range of components for building automation from the owner’s home to office towers. The Local Control Network (LCN) is characterized by high performance and flexibility at an excellent price/performance ratio. For us, the focus is on our products being reliable and practical, while delivering the highest functionality. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers and partners with our products.

With a three-stage sales model through the wholesale trade to the electrician, we are a company that prefers the professional use of our products. We serve the market through qualified partners, not through the mail-order business or through hardware stores, so that our customers can use our products professionally and safely.

We develop our products with due respect for our environment and while conserving limited resources. Through the use of our products we support energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.

Corporate culture

We respect and value our human relationships, relationships to our customers, our co-operation partners, within the team and outside the company in our social environment. We value fair dealings with each other, long-term relationships with our customers and employees, self-responsible actions and social commitment. We are an internationally oriented company with employees from many nations and cultural circles. We want to preserve and nurture this openness.

We are constantly working to maintain and further expand our good operating climate, with the pace of our technological and economic environment growing. Real teamwork, continuous further education and training as well as the continuous improvement of our technical and social facilities are building blocks of this goal. The hierarchies in our company are kept flat, the performance and contribution of each employee, not the rankings, is important.