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LCN is more than just Smart Home

A smart home is only created when all components work together in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and security. For this control to be intelligent, each module must act largely autonomously, while at the same time integrating into an overall system. The core of the LCN system are the bus modules, either on a H-rail for electrical sub-distribution boards, or as a compact module in a deep junction box.. All bus modules of the LCN system are universally designed, suitable for a single apartment as well as for commercial buildings up to skyscrapers.


LCN Smart Home

Why LCN?

LCN offers you a wide range of advantages!

LCN is particularly easy to install, as it does not require its own cable network. Only one free wire in the existing house installation. The parameterization is very simple, even an employee who only occasionally uses the bus technology would be able to handle it. And because the software helps in many places, even with troubleshooting, LCN saves time and money on the job site. The system can be easily read out at the push of a button.


One of the most powerful buses in the world
With 1,000 - 10,000 telegrams in the upper bus level and 100 telegrams in the lower bus level, LCN's transmission performance is at the top in a worldwide comparison of installation buses.


Comprehensive monitoring
LCN is the only system with a 4-level receipt and reporting system. This enables complete monitoring of all statuses and processes - even in very large buildings.


LCN does not require an extra line network
No additional changes or modifications to the existing electrical installation are necessary for the installation of the LCN system. LCN simply uses a free wire in the existing installation.


LCN is completely backward readable
Even after many years, an LCN system can be easily expanded or serviced, because the entire parameterization incl. Comments is in the attachment: the project file can be fully restored in minutes.


LCN offers a favorable entry
The ability to easily install the system into an existing infrastructure makes LCN more affordable than other systems. Further aspects for an excellent price/performance ratio are the simple, cost-effective maintenance as well as the multifunctionality and interference immunity of the modules.


LCN offers a huge range of functions
LCN offers an unmatched number of functions per module. From lighting and shutter control to access control. With 2 controllers and 4×4 thresholds per module, fed from 12 measured values, LCN also offers superior functionality in climate control.


Function extension through couplings
As an "open bus", LCN allows problem-free coupling to almost all systems (e.g. BACnet, Modbus, OPC, BMA Bosch, IOS, IP-Symcon,Tobit, EnOcean, etc.) via various interfaces.


Worldwide building control with LCN-GVS
The LCN-GVS visualization system enables control over all status and functional values of a building. The software can be operated with any browser-enabled device. At any time. Worldwide.


Parameterization without databases and applications
LCN is easy to parameterize. Clear installation and function software offer an understandable handling of the system. Individual projects can be saved in a template pool and reused in any LCN system at any time by "drag & drop". LCN-PRO "knows" all LCN modules from year of manufacture 1996 and offers the installer only the functions that the modules are capable of: A simple, uniform tool for all buildings!


Latest technologies and first-class support
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With LCN, a high-quality alarm system is included almost free of charge: a few switches on doors and windows and the residents and their belongings are safe. With LCN access control, keys are superfluous; instead, a fingerprint, car key or transponder is all that is needed. And, of course, LCN also protects blinds, awnings and skylights from severe weather.


Energy efficiency

LCN optimizes heating control, masters shock ventilation and thus saves up to 40% primary energy (calculations by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics). LCN automatically closes shutters / blinds when the sun heats up rooms too much. And if you have a solar system, LCN optimizes the use of free energy – right down to charging your car.



With LCN, many processes are automated, the system takes care of those present. So the light always has the optimum brightness (and light color), so that the occupants feel maximum comfort. Example: At night in the bathroom, the light is only dimmed gently to, say, 20% to make it easier to fall asleep. Via browser or LCN app, you always have your building under control, even from a distance, and you can warm up rooms comfortably on your way home before you arrive.

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