Labelling service -

Labelling service

The LCN labelling service – a beautiful home quickly!

You have the choice: labelling service or labelling yourself with the LCN-GT-Designer.


1. labelling service in three simple steps:

  1. Select a form for each of your touch panels. Simply fill it out in the browser and save it locally under a meaningful name, e.g. “living room”.

2. once you have filled out a form for each button, download the order form and complete it:

3. now send all files to Done.

Example of inlays

Text only


Icons only


Text and icons


Special requests or questions? Please contact our labelling service directly: Phone: 05066/998547 or

2. LCN-GT-Designer print service

If you would like to label your buttons yourself, you can do this online with the LCN-GT-Designer. Print out the inlays on paper at home, then cut them to size and insert them into the buttons.
(To do this, remove the push-button from the wall.)

LCN inlay printing service
If you want it to be really good looking, you can take advantage of the printing service. Then we will professionally print the inlays on film for you.
This is also very simple: fill in the order form and send it together with the ZIP file of the LCN-GT Designer to