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Overview of funding opportunities

Secure financial assistance as you build your smart dream home. Because: Measures for energy efficiency, barrier reduction and burglary protection can be subsidized by the state.
We show you how it works.

Promotion of the KfW

KfW offers you low-interest loans.
If you want to make your home age-appropriate or build energy efficient and safe, this grant is perfect for you.
The most relevant KfW programs:

Credit 159 - age-appropriate remodeling

Up to 50,000 euros for the removal of barriers, more living comfort and better burglary protection (regardless of age).

Credit 261, 262 - Efficient buildings

Energy-efficient construction and refurbishment. Up to 150,000 euros for an efficiency house. Up to 60,000 euros per housing unit for individual measures. Between 15% and 50% repayment subsidy.

Interest aroused? Simply do a preliminary check on the KfW website.

Note: Grant funds are limited and, if depleted, may not be available again until the following year.

Promotion of the BAFA

BAFA also has attractive grant and loan options to offer. For smart homes, the BEG individual measures (EM) are of particular interest. Here, the focus is primarily on refurbishment and energy efficiency.

Funding is provided for measures on:

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