Handheld transmitter for IR remote control


The LCN-RT is a miniaturized infrared (IR) handheld transmitter. It offers four very robust membrane keys and an acoustic feedback. The keys distinguish, as usual with LCN, SHORT, LONG and LOS actuate, so that up to twelve commands can be triggered at the receiver. At the user’s request, up to four key levels can be assigned, resulting in forty-eight commands.

Fields of application:

  • Due to its small size, the LCN-RT is suitable as a pendant on a keychain or for hanging on a belt loop. In this way, it becomes a daily companion and a replacement for conventional switch panels.
  • All LCN modules on the bus can be controlled in all functions via the LCN-RR receiver – incl. setpoint specification for climate control, etc….
  • In addition, the remote control transmitter can also be used to operate a locking system and/or implement access control with person detection.
  • The LCN-RT also offers three different ways of setting up privileged control, locking and access control systems. To do this, it transmits a user-enterable code and its serial number to the receiver.
  • All IR telegraphs in the LCN remote control system are protected against incorrect transmission by a checksum.

Note: Any number of transmitter-receiver pairs can be operated independently in the same room. Also available as left-handed version LCN-RTL. Please specify with order.

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