Weather station with evaluation unit for top-hat rail


The weather station consists of an outdoor unit with integrated wind, rain, light, temperature and GPS sensor and an evaluation unit with power supply in a 2-TE housing. The outdoor unit is mounted either on the roof (mast) or on the wall (south side) and connected to the evaluation unit with a four-pole extra-low voltage cable. The connection to the LCN bus is established by the evaluation unit via the I-connection of a customer-provided LCNSHS, -SH, -HU, -LD or -UPP, -UPS from serial number 160A (as of October 2012).

Fields of application:

  • The LCN-WIH is a complete weather station for controlling all weather-dependent systems and functional sequences in a building.
  • Thanks to the GPS receiver, the LCN-WIH transmits the precise time and date to the LCN bus. The evaluation unit supports all time zones worldwide and the local summer/winter time conversions in all countries of the world.

Note: Make sure that no voltage is applied during the assembly work! Parallel operation with LCN-IV (as pulse counter/counting input) and IOS peripherals is not possible. The weather station is connected via a standard J-Y(ST)Y (0.8 mm Ø). The maximum length of the line may be 50 m.


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