Coupling software for LCN


LCN-PCHK is used to couple an LCN system with the Internet. In this way, programs such as LCN-PRO or the LCN-GVS visualization system can access the system in-house or via the Internet.

Thanks to LCN-PCHK, it is possible to access the LCN bus with several programs simultaneously via just one LCN-PKU coupler – worldwide. One connection is included in the basic license, more can be unlocked via key.

Fields of application:

LCN-PCHK supports two protocols:

    • The internal mode for LCN-PRO and LCN-GVS.
    • The PCK mode, with which third-party programs can control the LCN bus very comfortably and automatically receive all status information. The PCK documentation is available free of charge to SoftwarePartners upon request.

The LCN-PCHK is used to implement remote parameterization with LCN-PRO via the Internet or remote visualization with LCN-GVS via the Internet.

All couplings can be simultaneous, e.g. the LCNGVS could run locally and parameterize LCN-PRO simultaneously from another continent. The full functionality is available – as if the programs were directly connected to the LCN bus.

Notes: To communicate with the LCN bus, you need the PC coupling module LCN-PKU.

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