LCN programming software under Microsoft® Windows®


LCN-PRO is the windows-based LCN system software for parameterization of LCN bus modules. In addition to general parameterization, the software offers functions for checking and logging the LCN system. The LCN-PRO has two modes of operation: online and offline. In offline mode, the system is preconfigured on the PC and stored in a database. At a later point in time, the parameterization will be transferred to the project.

Fields of application:

  • The LCN-PRO can parameterize any number of projects. A separate project database is created for each project. With the LCN-PRO system software, it is possible to copy parameterizations (similar to the clipboard) and paste them again accordingly. This is possible for individual keys or key tables as well as for entire modules.
  • In offline mode, entries for parameterization are stored in the project database. Only after a connection to the LCN system is established, a corresponding parameterization takes place.
  • In online mode, each change to the database is transferred and the corresponding LCN module is parameterized.

Notes: To communicate with your LCN modules, you need the LCN-PKU PC coupling module in addition to the LCN software.

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