LCN-GVShome -

Visualization server with LCN-GVS


The LCN-GVShome system serves as a central control unit for private buildings. LCN-GVS visualization software is already pre-installed on the maintenance-free LCN-GVShome PC. The building can be controlled and visualized via web browser or LCN-GVS app. The necessary Windows software license is also included.

In addition to standard building control functions, the visualization system for controlling and managing a building also includes timer functions, central access control with personal registration and an event detector (including logical links, also with time and date), which can also send messages by e-mail, push messages, etc. The connection to the LCN bus is established via the LCN-PKU coupler. The PC can be connected via LAN (RJ45) using a router.

Fields of application:
Visualization, monitoring and control of globally distributed large properties
Visualization of small properties
Control and monitoring of the energy efficiency of buildings and properties with measurement recorders
Access control with people recording for all buildings with centralized and decentralized management of authorizations
Automatic monitoring for events according to any criteria. The event detector not only alarms, but also intervenes itself.
many more functions

Software license
The included license allows controlling/visualizing 20 LCN modules. If more modules are installed in the building, the number can be increased with an extension license. This also applies to the other licensed options, such as the timer functions.
The LCN bus connection is made either directly via LCN-PKU or via an LCN-PCHK connection. This has the advantage that the LCN-PRO, in addition to the LCN-GVS, can access the bus in parallel.
The LCN bus connection must be set up before a tableau can be set up. You need a current LCN-PRO project file to create the tableau in the LCN-GVS.

LCN-GVShome incl. licenses for:
20 modules / 4 panels
4 timer functions
4 Event annunciator
4 Access control
2 connections via LCN-PCHK (in addition to the LCN- GVS, an LCN-PRO can access the LCN bus)

The system is intended for private buildings. Recommended for a maximum of 100 LCN modules / 20 people / building users. Maximum 10 simultaneous connections to the LCN-GVS possible (web browser / app). The LCN-GVShome system should be used exclusively for LCN building control by means of LCN-GVS.


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