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Edificio Miami Tower in Asunción (Paraguay)

At the heart of the Edificio Miami Towers in Asunción lies advanced LCN technology that opens up a world of comfort, design and functionality for residents. The tower’s intelligent LCN system not only offers smart building control, but also maximum convenience.
The tower’s lighting control goes beyond simple switching on and off, allowing the light to be dimmed and various lighting scenes to be created. Integrated brightness sensors automatically adjust the lighting to the ambient light conditions.
The air conditioning control system allows individual regulation of the room temperature, while light sensors automatically control electric blinds – a perfect symbiosis for a pleasant room temperature with optimized energy consumption.
Presence sensors switch the light on and off automatically, ensure efficient energy control and even provide security by activating the lighting when nobody is in the home.
The LCN push-buttons combine contemporary elegance with user-defined functions, LED displays and integrated temperature sensors.
Transponder cards or key fobs are used for access control to ensure secure locking. A proximity transponder can even be integrated into the smartphone to activate the system by approaching it.
Remote management and visualization allow all functions to be controlled via mobile devices. Calendar functions, events, schedules and user policies can be defined in a dynamic environment to give users full control over their smart living spaces.
The pioneering LCN technology of the Edificio Miami Tower sets standards for intelligent building automation. Smart control by LCN enables impressive energy savings of around 40%, which not only brings cost-efficient benefits, but also helps to protect the environment.

LCN features

Blind control depending on sun and wind

Daylight-dependent lighting control

Access control and management using transponders

Central control and monitoring with LCN visualization GVS

Doorbell and elevator control via LCN

Air conditioning control

LCN sensor technology

Energy-efficient programming