Tonhalle Düsseldorf -


Tonhalle Düsseldorf

The Concert hall Düsseldorf is a neoclassical concert hall north of the old town on the banks of the Rhine. The building was constructed in 1925/1926 as a multi-purpose hall under the name Rheinhalle and was originally also used as a planetarium. After being partially destroyed during the Second World War, it was once again converted into a multi-purpose hall during repairs.
LCN provided a sophisticated lighting control system for the foyer, the catering area and the stage area. realized with elaborate lighting control.
LCN’s 100 light scenes per output and dynamic group control also benefit the light sculpture and the historic salvia luminaires. In addition to conventional touch points, a PC visualization system is used to monitor and operate the building.

LCN features

Lighting control

Elaborate lighting control in the stage area