DALI control unit and LCN room controller for screw mounting


The LCN-ESD is a control module for DALI control gear. The LCN-ESD controls and regulates climate, light and more as a full-fledged room controller. Vier DALI-Gruppen können mit voller LCN-Funktionalität wie 100 Lichtszenen, Rampen und Zeitfunktionen betrieben werden. All other ballasts on the DALI bus can be addressed directly, since any DALI telegrams are transmitted via the LCN bus. This means that DALI direct commands can also be assigned to LCN buttons. In addition, the LCN-ESD has a 0-10 V output that can be used for climate control, for example. For pure 0-10 V applications, the DALI output can also be switched to 0-10 V, so that two such outputs are available.

The LCN-ESD supports DALI type 8 for RGBW luminaires and luminaires with variable color temperature. For this purpose, the DALI groups can be parameterized accordingly in the LCN-PRO from version 6.6.6.

Available from 2nd quarter 2022


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