Relay module for DIN rail


The LCN-SR6 is a six-fold relay module of the LCN bus system that does not require a separate LCN bus module. Its relays can be used to switch any consumer. The LCN-SR6 can be expanded to eight relays with an LCN-R2H if required. Thanks to a button on the top, the relays can be switched manually. The module does not need to be parameterized for this. This allows the wiring to be checked before the LCN system is set up. As an independent bus module, it has an I-connection for the operation of LCN-RR, IR remote control receiver, LCN-TS temperature sensor, LCN-PMI motion detector, LCN-GUS indoor sensor, LCN-GTxD glass info module, LCN-BT4H, LCN-BU4L, binary and push-button sensor and others. The P-connector is intended as a digital input/output for expansions such as the LCN-R2H relay block or LCN-BS4 current sensors and others.

Fields of application:

  • Controls of any motors and drives
  • Controls of blind and shutter motors for shading and ventilation
  • Control of any AC1 loads

LCN-SR6G for extra-low voltages
If extra-low voltages are to be switched in individual cases, the LCN-SR6 is available as LCN-SR6G. The relays then have gold contacts, which are suitable for voltages below 20 V and currents below 100mA.


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