EU Administration, Drosbach Cloche d'Or (Luxembourg) -


EU administration Drosbach Cloche d'or, Luxembourg

Intelligent minds are relevant in environments where research, work, administration and important decisions are made.
The technology that ensures smooth operations in huge building complexes is also of great importance in supporting the creative process.
The “Drosbach Cloche d’Or”, which is located near the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is an impressive example of how an office complex can be designed with foresight.
With a generous floor space of around 65,000 square meters, this building not only provides space for public areas, but also for around 2,400 workplaces.
From lighting, window and shutter control to the integration of a weather station – thanks to LCN bus technology, tenants benefit from the advantages of sophisticated lighting control and automated shading in the form of weather-dependent shutter control.

LCN features

Lighting control

Roller shutter control (depending on light, rain and wind values)

Weather station