LCN Smart Home in a class of its own -


LCN Smart Home in a class of its own - Simply retrofit with LCN

From a large bakery to a state-of-the-art smart home with LCN
Thanks to a dedicated real estate agent, a former industrial bakery in Bochum-Süd is being transformed into top-class smart apartments. Four large lofts with the highest possible living comfort are being created from vacant space in the middle of the picturesque Ruhr area.
LCN’s intelligent technology makes the converted building smart. This provides the hardware and software to control the lighting, shutters, indoor climate, outdoor area and home cinema, among other things – even when you’re on the move. The LCN bus system also ensures optimum security for the objects.

Visualization as desired
The touchscreens built into the wall are a highlight of the entire building complex. Thanks to LCN and the visualization software, all installed functions in the home can be monitored and controlled centrally on site. The functions can also be controlled via the app while on the move.

LCN features

Automatic lighting

Colored light scenes with RGB light, control of the wall, Ceiling and exterior lighting

Roller shutter control

with adjustable slats

Security technology

Motion detectors, contact sensors for windows and doors, humidity monitoring

Radiator control

Individual room temperature control


Operation via wall panels or smartphone