New construction of the Wittekindshof special school in Bad Oeynhausen -


New construction of the Wittekindshof special school in Bad Oeynhausen

A building must align itself with the needs of its users, rather than the users aligning themselves with the limits the building places on them. This guiding principle applies exemplarily to the new building of the Wittekindshof special school in Bad Oeynhausen. With the help of LCN building control technology, an exemplary model was created here in terms of combining individual requirements, comfort and energy efficiency. A building as individual as possible and yet as efficient as necessary.

All 15 classrooms and group rooms of the new special school were designed and equipped differently and can be individually adapted to the current needs of each learning group. To ensure efficient and effective use of the building, a total of 347 LCN bus modules were installed in the school building with its 209 rooms. Pushbuttons can be used to control lighting and shading in all rooms as needed. In addition, built-in sensors ensure convenient and energy-efficient use. Occupancy detection and lighting control was implemented in all rooms using LCN-BMI and LCN-GBL motion detectors. In rooms with outdoor lighting, lighting control is brightness-dependent thanks to the LCN-LSH and LCN-GBL light sensors; for switched lighting, such as in corridors or stairwells, enable is set up by means of a threshold value. In the classrooms and workrooms, there is an operation and standby switch by means of key switches. This concerns room functions such as lighting and sockets. This ensures that only as many consumers are switched on as are needed in the specific room. Energy efficiency and safety with optimum comfort conditions

LCN features

Lighting control and shading completely implemented with LCN

Intelligent linking of lighting and sockets

Operation via glass pushbuttons and LCN-GVS visualization software

LCN sensor technology for temperature, light and presence

A total of 347 LCN bus modules are currently in use