LCN-A6835 -

Adapter frame for reducing the flush-mounted box from 68 mm to 35 mm


With this adapter frame, the LCN-GBL/-GT3L can be easily installed on all standard 68 mm flush-mounted or cavity wall boxes. It offers a variety of mounting options for the LCN sensors LCN-GBL as well as the glass pushbutton LCN-GT3L. The LCN-A6835 is suitable for all cavity wall and flush-mounted boxes.

It can be easily wallpapered over or plastered over by reverse application. For this purpose, the flush-mounted box must be recessed by approx. 10 mm. The central base prevents the penetration of plaster material into the flush-mounted box when flush-mounted. Due to integrated predetermined breaking points, this floor can be easily broken out after assembly.

Fields of application:

  • For mounting many LCN products in 35 mm boxes.

The scope of delivery is 5 pieces.

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