Mains voltage actuator for heating and air conditioning technology


The LCN-AVN is an electrothermal actuator for radiator valves. It can be connected to valves of various manufacturers by means of adapters. All LCN actuators are normally closed. The actuating mechanism operates with a PTC-heated expansion element and a compression spring. The expansion element is heated by applying the operating voltage and the integrated plunger is moved as a result. The force generated by the movement is transmitted to the valve tappet and opens or closes the valve. The LCN-AVN has a mark on the plunger to indicate the opening width.

The LCN-AVN is supplied from the factory in the first-open position, so that it is open without current. This enables heating operation in the shell construction phase, even if the electrical wiring of the individual room control system has not yet been completed. When the operating voltage is switched on for longer than 6 minutes, the First-Open function is automatically unlocked and the actuator is fully operational, i.e. closed without current.

Fields of application:

  • For individual decentralized heating control on radiators.

The actuator is intended for operation on LCN bus modules from year of manufacture 04/2008. With older bus modules it can be used as a valve switch.

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