LCN-WB11/WB22 -

Wallbox with 11 kW or 22 kW and LCN energy management


The LCN-WB11/WB22 is a wallbox for AC charging of electric cars with type 2 connection. Thanks to its LCN data connection, it can be completely integrated into an LCN Smart Home.
The wallbox is available in two versions, LCN-WB11 for maximum charging power 11kW, the LCN-WB22 for maximum charging power 22kW. The wallbox has the usual LCN intelligence, so that the wallbox can be freely programmed with the appropriate LCN prior knowledge as usual.

LCN offers you many different charging modes, which you can configure freely and assign to the buttons of an LCN-GT12, for example.

Examples of loading programs:
Super Solar: It is charged only with solar power
20+ Savings: Initially 20% charged, then only solar power.
Savings appointment: first save, from given time make sure charge
These modes can of course be individually modified in the LCN-PRO as required and adapted to your needs.


• Charging current 16A or 32A with all-current fault protection
• LCN Energy management
• Type 2 connector
• Two additional dimming outputs, e.g. for garage lighting
• 2 touch keys (LCN-WB22)
• RFID reader (LCN-WB22)
• calibrated electricity meter with digital display (LCN-WB22)
• Current charging power as measured value in the LCN-BUS (LCN-WB22)
• Charged energy as measured value in the LCN-BUS (LCN-WB22)

The LCN wall boxes function without further LCN programming and without connection to an LCN installation, they then supply the maximum permissible current (LCN-WB11: 16A, LCN-WB22: 16-32A, depending on the charging cable used).

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