Residual voltage suppression for LED illuminants


The LCN-RSU is connected in parallel to the load and prevents, for example, flickering and afterglow of the LEDs or ESLs at the electronic output.

Due to the interference suppression measures required by VDE, a small capacitive quiescent current flows from each power output even when TRIAC, the control element in the modules, is switched off. When connecting LEDs, this can lead to the dimming not running harmoniously or to the light source flashing when switched off. For LCN-SH/-HU modules, the switch for the output filters can be set to the “OFF” position. The LCN-RSU suppresses these unwanted effects.

Fields of application:

  • The LCN-RSU is suitable for the following effects/consumers:
    • flickering LEDs or ESLs
    • “Sticky” relays
    • photoluminescent LEDs

One LCN RSU is required per output.

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