LCN-IS2/24 -

24 V isolation amplifier for top-hat rail


The LCN-IS2/24 isolation amplifier is an LCN coupling module of the LCN bus system. It has connections for the 24 V LCN bus and the LCN two-wire bus. Since it does not have its own processor, parameterization by the LCN system software LCN-PRO is not required. The LCN-IS2/24 is usually used for galvanic isolation of a 24V LCN bus, if no zeroing of the transformer is desired.

Fields of application:

  • The LCN-IS2/24 separates the data line by optocouplers and thus prevents voltage carry-over in distributions.

There may only be one two-wire bus per segment. The maximum length of the two-wire bus, from the first to the last LCN-IS2/24, is up to 50 m. A maximum of 15 subscribers per LCN-IS may be connected to a two-wire bus.


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