Network coupling module with integrated visualization


The LCN-VISU network coupler (formerly LCN-PKEV) serves as network access to the LCN system in LCN installations and is the successor of the LCN-PKE. This access is used by the installer to parameterize the LCN system or to link it to other systems across trades.

The LCN-PCHK software runs on the network coupler, through which two programs, e.g. the LCN-PRO and the LCN-GVS, can access the LCN bus simultaneously. If required, the number of connections can be extended by means of separate licenses.

Due to the support of openHAB, a wide range of third-party smart home devices can also be connected to the LCN system using the LCN-VISU. This means that voice assistants, smart lighting systems and audio and entertainment electronics, such as those offered by Amazon, Sonos or Philips, can be connected and controlled with LCN.

The openHAB support also enables visualization to conveniently operate smart buildings via smartphone, tablet, PC, etc. With the compact and slim visualization, an LCN segment can be displayed and controlled even more easily and quickly than before.

Fields of application:

  • Remote maintenance (LCN-PRO)
  • Visualization (LCN-GVS/LCN-VISU)
  • Coupling (with PCK protocol)


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